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Our lives are filled with unique moments...

And our smartphones full of cool pictures of all these moments : travels, road trips all over the world, weekends in Europe, friends wedding, family gathering holidays. In Europe only, 640 million pics are taken every day.

Then we share our pics on social network...

And we forget them ! The fault to the too short-lived posts and the new photos that come again to fill our smartphones and our clouds.

There are some pictures we would like to see again*

But not in a dusty photo albums. We’d like to be able to contemplate and share them without thinking about it. We would like to be reminded of them with a simple “Hello !”

*And again and again


And that's precisely why we created hellowall ! hellowall !

Interface création d'un wall

hellowall, is the result of an enthusiastic team’s work, so you can enjoy your favourite pics in a unique way.

So what's the idea, you're wondering ?

Printing up pictures of our best moments (the only way to save them really) on a truly innovative material, as easy to look at as it is to stick or remove.

Its desire ?

To capitalise on the square shape of the pics from our childhood, which became the standard size on modern social networks. And icing on the cake, you can mix My wall & Pix wall for even more ‘special effects’ and your personal touch. You can then create your very own photo gallery.

Its ambition ?

To facilitate the sharing of memories, talents, & passions with family, friends or people just passing by. No need to take the big dusty photo album out of the cupboard nor to turn the computer on ! A wall is always there, ready to be seen by our relatives acquaintances every time they come round.

Its commitment ?

To reduce their carbon footprint by compensating for the production and postal delivery of their walls. hellowall has partnered up with Reforest’Action to reforest on French soil or abroad.
More details here hellogreen

2 walls
to customize

with your instagram "pix"
(and many more)

Pix wall

from 1,90 € per unit

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My wall

from 49,90 €

More information

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#photo #madeinfrance

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