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Pix wall

1,90 € per unit

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We like this square shape for our printed pics, so Insta ! We love it even with its super sticky removable nature 😱. Farewell pictures blown by the wind, non sticking tape, wrong size frame or pins that turn your wall into Swiss cheese. With pixwall and its 16.5 cms of happiness, you can change the look of your home with your latest pictures indefinitely. You can personalize your open space desk, you can display your Instagram wall pixel style for a waow factor. #skyisthelimit

- From all of your photos
- At least 12 per set, in multiples of 6

Made in FRANCE
Delivery: between 8-12 working days, from 4€

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    Self sticking material
    Stick and unstick at will
    Play moving your photos

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    Square shape photo
    16,5 cm

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    With or without
    border 0,5 cm
    Choice of 6 colours

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    printing quality

As unique as you !

You can display your photos in columns, hearts, stars... You can place your Pix wall as you want, where you want... You let your imagination speak for an ultra stylish wall. #wallbymyself

Select your pics

From your Instagram, Facebook, mobile phone, computer, cloud … Our Tool accepts (almost) any sources and even makes it possible to “mix’em”.

Mix and match My wall to many Pix walls for an even more crazy and original result.

Select your style

With or without border. White or coloured border.
Extra info 🙋with a white border, pix wall and my wall being the exact same dimensions, it’s perfect to create a crazy pixel style My wall ! (But we didn’t tell you that, right ?…)

Let’s go mad !

You place or replace Pix wall on walls, doors, the fridge … until you find the ideal place, for all your pictures, you create a shape that fits your personality, without ever being afraid of going wrong.

is our middle name !

Its self sticking and removable material (let’s remind ourselves;-)), is both flexible and thick with a nice matte white finish and premium printing quality. It easily sticks on a plain smooth surface, after removing the protective film. You have to see it (or click right here) to believe it !

More Infos

No headache

Display quickly
No glue, no nails, no pins and no sticky tape required
Absolutely nothing

Stick and unstick

If you stick it wrong
simply take it off
and put it back on


If you decide to remove it completely
your Pix wall comes off easily

Pix wall
for professionals !

Pix wall, with its 16.5 cms square shape can also help customize your shop’s wall or your bars, pubs, restaurants, offices, showrooms, agencies, associations … Perfect to impress when finetuning one’s business feed. #timeismoney

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a gift idea ?

Fed up with the traditional photo albums as a christmas gift, a XXL poster to colleagues on their leaving, a photos box that ends up in Granny Huguette’s drawer or a photo book to friends newly mam ? hellowall is the gift idea that changes the usual photo gifts, THE surprise that always makes its effect.

hellowall gift card

Even more
beautiful in real life !

Get some inspiration
Produit My Wall

"Every day I look back on my week in NYC. The print quality is GREAT."

My Wall

Produit My Wall
Produit My Wall

"I was gifted a wall as a birthday present, my son loves seeing the pictures on the wall !"

My Wall

Produit My Wall
Produit My Wall

"I displayed my insta in my room, it's so cool, it takes 5 min to create ! "

My Wall

Produit My Wall
Produit My Wall

"I put two walls together from my insta and facebook photos and it dressed up my living room directly."

My Wall

Produit My Wall
Produit My Wall

"I love the idea of sticking/unsticking my Pix wall depending on my mood, it's great 👍🏻"

Pix Wall

Produit My Wall
Produit My Wall

"Superbe rendu grâce à une très belle qualité d'impression. Les couleurs sont éclatantes et le papier mat est très beau !"

My Wall

Produit My Wall

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hellowall with an hashtag ahead

#hellowall #wallpaper
#photo #madeinfrance

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With or without borders

Square shape photo
16,5 cm

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182,30 €41,40 €
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481,90 €91,20 €
+ set of 61,90 €+ 11,40 € the 6

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